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- Seth McBride

Apple to offer full control of its devices with just your voice.

The post Apple Releases a Big Accessibility Upgrade with “Voice Control” appeared first on New Mobility.

- Teal Sherer

Ali Stroker dedicated her Tony Award to all kids growing up with a disability or limitation.

The post Ali Stroker Makes History as First Wheelchair User to Win a Tony Award appeared first on New Mobility.

- Seth McBride

From Wyoming With Love: A Rancher's Life. Online Wellness Study for Women with SCI. Crip Generation Gap. Wheelchair Accessible Hiking. Affordable Accessible Travel to Germany and Austria.

The post New Mobility’s Biweekly Newsletter – June 4, 2019 appeared first on New Mobility.

- Tim Gilmer

What started as a simple inquiry about a potential profile developed into a beautiful correspondence between two longtime wheelchair users about life on the ranch.

The post From Wyoming With Love appeared first on New Mobility.

- Aaron Broverman

Four of the advocates planning to attend this year’s Roll share what they hope to accomplish at United Spinal’s annual signature event.

The post 2019 Preview: United Spinal’s Roll on Capitol Hill appeared first on New Mobility.

- Lilly Longshore

Ideas, resources and tactics to help you plan the international trip of your dreams without breaking the bank.

The post Affordable Accessible Travel to Germany and Austria appeared first on New Mobility.

- Abe Munder

There’s more to politics than knocking on doors and posting on social media.

The post Get Off Your Duff: Political Volunteering With a Disability appeared first on New Mobility.

- Ian Ruder

After over 2,900 miles and 66 days riding across America in his power wheelchair and electric trike, Kouri's ride ends in Washington, D.C.

The post Janne Kouri’s ‘Ride for Paralysis’ appeared first on New Mobility.

- Ian Ruder

A chance encounter introduced him to adaptive sports, and it proved to be the key to his discovering how to embrace life after injury.

The post Volunteer/Athlete Extraordinaire Cruz Gutierrez appeared first on New Mobility.

- Kary Wright

Our adventure started when our wives went down into an abandoned mine on a tour. We were told it wasn’t wheelchair accessible.

The post Mine, All Mine appeared first on New Mobility.

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The man’s family has characterized him as having a mental disability, and called for more information to be released. The police have said the officer was assaulted before he opened fire.

Paige Winter and her father gave details about the shark attack that resulted in her left leg being amputated. She also lost two fingers on her left hand.

A reader says the Tony winner Ali Stroker is a role model for children with disabilities.

Poets have always been writing while disabled. Here is new work by seven of them.

I saw firsthand how difficult everyday life was for my dad: how precarious were grocery shopping, going to the gym, bathing, putting on socks.

The flirtatious Ado Annie of Broadway’s “Oklahoma!” says she is proud to be a symbol.

Here’s how one school in the Bronx celebrated.

“This award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge,” said Ms. Stroker, who won for her role as Ado Annie in “Oklahoma!.”

Advocates say the state-based accounts, which let disabled people work and save money without risking the loss of government aid, could help millions of people.

At times it caused suffering, but it also gave me a passion for words and language.