Why donate?

As soon as I saw the blast of white light and heard the ear shattering pop, I knew something wasn’t right.  I woke with my wrists bound, medical hose coming out of my nose, mouth and neck,  along with the whispers of friends and family telling me it will be OK. 

The Greater Orlando Spinal Cord Injury Network is a 501 C 3  non-profit organization for individuals living with Spinal cord injuries in the Orlando area. Our mission is to aid in the recovery process by providing support and peer to peer guidance. We also provide a network for Individuals to improve their lives by finding employment opportunities, adaptive sports programs, recreational activities, social functions, and general networking. From holiday parties to picnics we host a variety of social events for the SCI community. Our passion is in creating awareness, connecting people through social outreach and educating the community on spinal cord injury prevention.

By donating you will improve the lives of individuals living with SCIs. It is only by your generosity that we are able to maintain and expand our program.