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- Seth McBride

Series to offer political campaign skills with a disability focus

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- Seth McBride

Ali Stroker Nominated for a Tony Award. Twitter Conversation: #TheCostofBeingDisabled. In the Media: An Authentic Voice in the Writer's Room. Adaptive House Painting. Dreaming with a Spinal Cord Injury.

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- Aaron Broverman

She is the first wheelchair user to be nominated for the award.

The post Ali Stroker Nominated for a Tony Award appeared first on New Mobility.

- Seth McBride

The founder of Next Step is rolling 2,900 miles for paralysis awareness.

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- Seth McBride

The Man Behind Airbnb's Access Push. Data Shows Airlines Damaged 1,975 Wheelchairs in Three Months. All Access Fashion. The Benefits of Reducing/Replacing Sugar. Ask Us: Collector Cars and Portable Showers.

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- Ian Ruder

As the head of Airbnb’s push for accessibility and inclusion, Srin Madipalli is overseeing the $35 billion peer-to-peer rental giant’s efforts to make travel more accessible. With rentals in almost 200 countries and over 150 million users, the company could be a game changer.

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- Brook McCall

Wheelers talk about how they see their disabilities in their dreams.

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- Brook McCall

The future of adaptive fashion strutted down a runway in Vegas.

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- Kate Matelan

How this Assistant U.S. Attorney “packs a punch with an iron fist in a velvet glove” to fight for the rights of all Americans.

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- Paula M. Larson

There is no escaping menopause, so Paula Larson investigates how women living with SCI/D can mitigate its impact.

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- Shaun Heasley

A group of major investors with over $1 trillion in assets is looking to use its clout to pressure companies into hiring more people with disabilities.

- Teri Sforza, The Orange County Register/TNS

In a case pitting the right of people with disabilities to marry against their right to be free from abuse, a judge found that the husband of a man with disabilities shouldn't be his guardian.

- Brian Niemietz, New York Daily News/TNS

Two mothers have gone undercover to weed out misinformed parents sharing dangerous and false autism remedies — including methods involving bleach, turpentine and urine — on Facebook.

- Michelle Diament

The U.S. Department of Education is telling states to follow a new special education regulation just weeks after saying it will continue fighting the rule in court.

- Michelle Diament

Dozens of disability rights activists — including some in wheelchairs — were arrested near Capitol Hill while pressing for more access to community-based services.

- Asia Fields, The Seattle Times/TNS

When Vernon Gray's mom died, there was no plan for how he should be cared for and the man with a developmental disability ended up homeless. Now, he's getting an $8 million settlement.

- Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times/TNS

He couldn't communicate as a child and began college by avoiding people, but Bruno Youn blossomed into a campus leader who was elected by his classmates to speak at graduation.

- Michelle Diament

Federal officials are weighing in on how money saved in a relatively new type of savings account for people with disabilities influences access to housing assistance.

- Shaun Heasley

A new comedy is headed to television featuring a teen with autism who's played by an actress on the spectrum.

- Melissa Hellmann, The Seattle Times/TNS

The company is funding a speech recognition app to help people with communication challenges and a chatbot that prepares those with disabilities for job interviews, among other projects.

Since the 1950s, prom photos have been bellwethers of a changing America. At one high school just outside New York City, the prom is still the main event.

My black, middle-class upbringing demanded that losing an arm at 10 would be no life-altering tragedy.

Christine Sun Kim discusses her experimental, sensory-rich process — and her favorite shoes to wear in the studio.

Are we writing for other disabled people, for the nondisabled, or for everyone? The work of these poets speaks for itself.

Recently revealed as the creator of the online persona StalinGulag, Aleksandr Gorbunov has attracted a huge following for his scathing commentary.

Disabled passengers have long complained that Access-A-Ride service is poor. The transit agency has introduced apps to make scheduling easier.

A group of Indonesians have begun translating the Quran into sign language, helping millions of deaf Muslims get access to their holiest book for the first time.

Readers in some of the 22 states where measles have been diagnosed this year discuss how the fear of catching the disease is affecting their daily lives.

At a gym in Queens, Donahue Fields is training people and laying the foundation for a new sport: wheelchair boxing.

A new dental center is built to welcome patients with special needs and those in wheelchairs, who often run into obstacles elsewhere.